BIO Marc De Repentigny


Born in 1973 in Montreal, Marc De Repentigny has always been fascinated with everything mechanical… whether it’s disassembling a digital clock or an appliance to make something completely different, Marc has always been able to create toys, costumes even replicas of interiors of starships (star trek, shuttle) either in small scale or full scale with extreme features and details

This is why marc has studied in the machinist domain, computer science (network), method agent and computer generated models (catia v5) and has worked in the aerospace domain during 10 years…

A work accident has cut his ability to work in the aerospace industry but at the same time gave him an opportunity to better craft his creations and learn of new ways to make his pieces better and to ever push the limits of what he does

He has been chosen in 2013 to appear in the French Quebec game show version of “Deal no Deal” where his Silverbolt costume was showcase…

Also the Cirque du Soleil also used some of his creations for some of its events and other companies have approached him for events as well

He later on been showcased in numerous magazines, websites and journals such as popular science

Marc also build transformers toys that are highly sought out and are extremely detailed and has numerous features incorporated in them such as light and sound and do transform and are perfect in every way possible…

He has been featured in many magazines and news papers



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